Is Yelp Good for Businesses Other Than Restaurants?

I was reading  a forum post from a plumber.  I really wonder if using Yelp for marketing for any other business is a productive use of marketing dollars and has anyone had a real measurable result in ROI.

Personally, I have managed Yelp advertising for myself and for clients a few times.  I spent roughly $3000 for my own business and did not get one verified sale from the money spent.  Since my typical sale is around $800, I would look at 10% of that as being my target cost for a closed lead.  So I would have to have gotten close to 40 closed sales to justify the Yelp cost. But, instead, I got a big fat goose egg.

What's_Up_Doc_Lobby_CardWhen my Yelp ‘rep’ called me upon cancelling, she basically told me that I did not know how to utilize Yelp to get ‘engagement’ and that a competitor with a little social marketing skills was certainly doing way better than me.  But that’s not what I paid for!  I paid Yelp $3000 to get phone calls.  Not to turn me into a social media bunny.

So, to the plumbers, the painters, the drywall hangers, the cabinet makers, and anyone else in the trades – be aware.  Yelp is a marketing machine that does not market you well.  Instead, they market themselves very well in order to pick up your dollars regardless of your ROI.  Don’t be suckered in.

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