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I’m going to start publishing more and more business reviews for businesses in the cities in the west that I frequent.  Not sure how often I’ll add to this, but I really want to give street cred’ to business people that I like.  So, this is a start…..  I want to give a shout out to a chiropractor in Reno that does great work and is one of the most compassionate guys I know – Curtis Potts.  The man is a saint and takes such great care of his patients.  While many other chiropractors are trying to figure out how to lengthen the amount of times that their patients will come in, Curtis has a goal to get you well and not spending all your money on chiropractic visits with him.  So, if you need a chiropractor – call him at (775) 204-1194 . Or visit his website at


It’s the beginning of May 2017.  I’m excited to see the warmer weather coming to us and to see the snow starting to melt.  From everything I’ve seen in the past, with the amount of snow that we’ve received, we should have snow covered peaks all year long (at the higher elevations).

Last week I hit the golf course and shot a terrible round.  117 for 18 holes. Blech! But the cool part is – it can only get better!  I have not picked up my clubs in 15 years and this one round of golf has me hooked on the game again.  I really want to get out and hit a few buckets of balls and to see if I can get my shot to be a little more consistent.  I tended to go to the right off the tees and was pretty accurate with my irons.

The course that I was on was called Wolf Run.  It’s in South Reno. Just below an area called Arrowcreek.  In old Reno days they called this area Zolezzi.  The course has interesting terrain and some nice views as you go through.  I highly recommend that you try this course.  It was pretty reasonable at $60 including the cart.  Oh, and side note – the beer cart girl is smoking hot! OMG.  She pulled up and I gasped.  Just a beautiful girl and she was in black yoga pants that looked amazing on her.  Wow.

Next time I write, I’ll try to stay on topic!

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