Reno Nevada Business Reviews


I’m going to start publishing more and more business reviews for businesses in the cities in the west that I frequent.  Not sure how often I’ll add to this, but I really want to give street cred’ to business people that I like.  So, this is a start…..  I want to give a shout out […]

Is Yelp Good for Businesses Other Than Restaurants?

I was reading  a forum post from a plumber.  I really wonder if using Yelp for marketing for any other business is a productive use of marketing dollars and has anyone had a real measurable result in ROI.

If you need to get a restaurant hood cleaning done

Las Vegas Hood Cleaning

A buddy of mine just opened a restaurant hood cleaning business in Las Vegas.  I know this seems a highly irregular place to plug a Las Vegas Hood Cleaning Service, but what the heck.  I’ve known the guy for years and he’s always been the hardest working man I’ve known.  That and he’s a perfectionist […]

Pocatello Idaho


Pocatello Idaho is a small town of about 55,000 people in Southern Idaho.  The closest large city is Salt Lake City Utah, which is 165 miles to the South.  Twin Falls Idaho is about 112 miles to the West.  Twin Falls and Pocatello are very similar in size as Twin Falls population is about 56,000. […]